The Sad State of Web Development — Medium

Most of the smart magpies have moved on to Go at this point, but the people who have stayed in the Node community have undoubtedly created the most over engineered eco system that has ever appeared. No one can create a library that does anything. Every project that creeps up is even more ambitious than the next. It all starts with a core module and 400 plugins for this module. No one will build something that actually does anything. I just don’t understand. The only thing I can think, is people are just constantly re writing Node.js apps over and over.
Javascript has zero standard library, so as soon as you npm init a new Node app you better install at least 15 terabytes of modules to get 1/16th the standard lib of something like Ruby or Go. It may seem super cool to have all these small modules until you try to update them.

via The Sad State of Web Development — Medium.


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